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Understanding the Basic Web Hosting Terms for Beginners

Understanding the Basic Web Hosting Terms for Beginners

Basic Web Hosting Terms

A website in and of itself is just a local program that can be accessed from the computer that houses that file. However, if you want to take it online, you will need to get a host for it.

A web hosting service, therefore, is a company that provides just that- a means for your website to become accessible online.

There are many best web hosting terms out there that can pretty much be daunting for beginners, so in today’s article, I will help you understand the most common terms used in the niche.

Web Server

The web server is simply a computer that is turned into, well, a server. It is made up of sturdy and powerful components that allow the hosting service providers to give you domain names and other similar services.

So for instance, if someone accesses your website, their web browser will send a request and it will then be fulfilled once it reaches the server, thus allowing the person who has requested it to access your page.

In other words, a web server is a very powerful computer that is able to handle many server requests at any time.

Web Host

The web host is basically the company that owns a couple of servers to provide you with web hosting services. When you pay for their service, you’re pretty much renting their resources so that you can have your website be accessible online.

A web host can build and own as many web servers as they can and this is usually the case for web hosting companies who have been around for so many years.


This is an acronym that refers to Virtual Private Servers. This is basically where your website is placed inside a server along with other websites, but you are given your own digital space that is replete with the resources that your website needs to operate optimally. Such shared services are quite inexpensive and are the preferred option for personal websites and small business websites.

Dedicated Server

This is where a lone website gets all of the resources of one server. Because of the nature of the service, you’re going to have to pay thousands of dollars for this.

Operating System

Because web servers are pretty much very powerful computers, they run on an operating system. Two of the main operating systems used in web servers are Linux and Windows, with the former being the most common one.

Server Location

This basically tells you where the location of the web server you’re on is. Google and other search engines typically favor websites that are hosted on the same server location to that of their web hosting company. This provides amazing speeds and quality service, mainly because the resources are within your reach.

Grievance Handling

Also commonly known as Customer Service, this is where you and other customers that are using the same web hosting service will call their hotline for an immediate fix to their website hosting problems.


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