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Tips For Mothers Who Pump Frequently

Tips For Mothers Who Pump Frequently

Baby care is more than just keeping your little one happy and healthy. Sure, you can buy expensive baby bibs in Malaysia for her, but never forget about your own needs. If you need to get something that will make your life easier as a breastfeeding mom, please do so. One of the tools you would probably need at this point is breast pump. 

Do you pump breast milk many times a day? Frequent pumping comes with the knowledge and joy that you are giving your child the best nourishment. It’s not a completely awesome experience, though. Breast pumping may raise plenty of concerns and questions. 

Here are some tips that can make your breast pumping experience more enjoyable, smoother. 

Before Breast Pumping

  • You need to drink plenty of water. Keep a big water bottle with you at all times. Hydration is important for breastfeeding moms.
  • Create a specific area in your kitchen where you can store or clean pumping parts.
  • Make sure that your breast pumping kits fit perfectly. In connection to this, it’s also crucial to pick the correct breast shield
  • Buy a quality, double-electric pump with features that best fit your lifestyle.
  • Stock up on comfy tanks and nursing bras.

During Breast Pumping

  • If your child is not always with you, keep a photo or other visceral cues on your bag. This would help stimulate the breast milk let down. 
  • Settle for frequent, short breast pumping sessions, instead of longer, less-frequent ones. >
  • If possible, look for a quiet, private area to pump milk, so you can relax.
  • Rotate between 2 sets of breast pumping parts.

Breast Pumping at Work

  • Pump straight into your storage bottles, or move the milk into bags while it is warm. As it cools, fat can separate into some layers, making it hard to transfer. 
  • Store breast in small batches. That way, it is easier and quicker to defrost.  This technique ensures that not a drop of breast milk is wasted.
  • Plan your breast pumping breaks ahead of time. If possible, block out the time on the calendar for pumping, so you can easily sync the schedule with that of your officemates. 


Ruben Steward

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