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Machine Learning is Improving the Way We Make Trades in the Stock Market

Machine Learning is Improving the Way We Make Trades in the Stock Market

Machine Learning in the Trading of the Stock Market

Machine Learning is just one of the many applications of artificial intelligence and it is used in a variety of fields.

It can be used in the manufacturing industry where people can use machine learning to create 3D prints and conduct additive manufacturing.

It can also be used in the robotics industry which helps originally inanimate objects move and imitate human movements.

Because of its many potential uses, it has branched out to different sectors, some to an even larger and more useful degree.

Take for instance the implementation of machine learning in stock trading specifically in the context of stock market broker in Malaysia. Back in the day, people were more cautious about doing trades because they have to painstakingly research and look at the trends to find suitable trades.

But, that is now a thing of the past because machines and computers can now do the analyzing for you so all you have to do is just make the trade.

However, with most other technologies, it continues to get better because it “learns” to become better at trading.

This is done by looking at specific data, learning about market movements, reading some market data and economic reports, and it can even read financial reports to make a better decision.

Because these programs make use of actual data, it is much more accurate than relying on human intuition alone. That is why more seasoned investors are looking to utilize machine learning when conducting their trades.

You see, we are biased in the sense that we also factor in emotions when creating decisions and when we make them this way, we often run the risk of losing more and earning less.

A computer program doesn’t have emotions. Instead, it relies on concrete and tangible data to give you the best possible results. Using such will give you more consistent and more reliable outcomes.

One of the developers behind Apple’s Siri, Babak Hodjat said that because of human emotions, we tend to make decisions that can be our downfall.

Because of this, he has developed an AI software that will make trades based on logical and sound decisions.

He is now a co-founder and one of the lead scientists in Sentient Technologies, Inc. It is a technology startup that aims to develop programs that utilize artificial intelligence to help people make better stock trades.


The future of stock market trading looks more promising than ever. If more and more programs that make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence are getting developed, people can earn a lot more money in the near future.

That is possible due to the fact that these programs make stock market trading easy for the layman. All you really need to do is learn how to make use of such software and you’re ready to go.

At the time being, machine learning and other AI implementations are continually being developed. Expect to see more stock trading programs that utilize them in the near future.


Ruben Steward

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