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Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog

Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog

Whether you are planning to build an e-commerce store or just creating a platform where you can express yourself, there are so many good reasons to start a blog. Read further as I will discuss some really compelling ones.

You Will Be More Confident

Wait, how does blogging make you more confident? Well, I should say that the platform allows you to become more confident as a writer. Not everyone writes like a popular author; we just have to start at some point.

Blogging can provide you with an avenue where you write something and gain feedback to help improve your craft. The more you write, the more experience you will gain, the better your writing will be, thus helping you gain more confidence.

It Can Be Your Diary

One of the most cathartic things that you can do is to write about your experiences and feelings about the things that happen in the world around you. A diary used to be a really great way for you to do this, but since we now live in a technologically advanced society, blogging has pretty much replaced that, though the essence is still the same.

Now, you might think that making your blog as your primary diary can be construed as vain or something like that, but that is actually not the case. If anything, your experiences might actually help others as well.

Potential for Earnings

Did you know that blogging can be an effective way for you to earn money? Well, you can use it either for affiliate marketing or for placing some banner ads.

Affiliate marketers prefer using a blog because they can connect to their audience on a more personal level and a blog is ‘harmless’ in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily have ties with big companies (though you can work with them, not for them).

Using Google Adsense, you can have the said platform place banner ads on your blog as a means of monetization. Though the potential for earning money is not as big as affiliate marketing, it is still another way for you to earn money online regardless.

You Can Interact with Fellow Bloggers

Blogging can be an effective way for you to collaborate with other bloggers in the same niche. In fact, if you want to do some collaboration efforts you can by using your blog.

It Can Help Give You Perspective

Remember what I said about blogging being a cathartic thing? That’s right, by writing your experiences down, you can actually reflect on it by reading it afterward. You will find that just thinking about what happened to you during that day is different than actually writing it on a piece of (digital) paper.

Can Be Your Creative Outlet

If you have the knack for creative writing, I highly recommend that you go blogging. Publishing a blog post is easy: You just write your piece and then hit the publish button and that’s it! Now you have the whole world as your audience.


Ruben Steward

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