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Basic Baby Guide: Does your kid have a serious illness?

Basic Baby Guide: Does your kid have a serious illness?

Taking care of your baby is more than just buying baby clothes and baby strollers in Malaysia. It requires a lot patience and knowledge. One of the things you need to focus on when it comes to baby care is your baby’s physical health. It is quite hard to tell if your little one is seriously ill, so at times, you just need to trust your instincts. You know your kid better than anyone else!

Signs of serious child illness


  • Your kid is listless and quiet, even when her temperature is down
  • A high temperature in an infant who is less than 8 weeks old
  • A high temperature, but cold hands and feet
  • A high fever in infants that fails to come down with ibuprofen and paracetamol


  • Your kid is finding it hard to get her breath, and sucking her stomach under her ribs
  • Rapid panting or breathing
  • A throaty noise while breathing

Other signs to watch out for…

  • Your kid has a fit, seizure or convulsion, for the very first time
  • Your kid is under 8 weeks, and refuses to feed
  • Baby diapers which are drier than usual, an obvious sign in dehydration in children
  • Pale, blue, grey or blotchy skin
  • Your kid is difficult to wake up, and appears confused and disorientated
  • Crying constantly, and that you cannot distract or console her
  • Green vomit

When should you call an ambulance?

  • Has a fit for the very first time, even if she recover
  • Severe baby allergic reaction
  • Injury
  • Stops breathing
  • Failure to wake up
  • Purple-red, spotty rash anywhere on your baby’s body that fails to fade

Ruben Steward

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