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A Short Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

A Short Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Are you thinking of creating a new personal blog? Blog creation can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Remember, maintaining a website is not just about making engaging content. At some point, you will also deal with lots of technical matters. One of these is web hosting. There are many top hosting websites in Malaysia you can choose from, so make sure to pick the most appropriate plan well, depending on your needs.

How to choose the right kind of web hosting for your new blog?

If you are a newbie, choosing among these types can be confusing. So, here are short, quick details on each one.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is considered the same as VPS hosting in some ways. For newbies, the two may appear 100% the same, so at the end of the day, they go with the VPS option since it’s a lot cheaper. But, do you know that cloud hosting is more scalable? It is a bit more expensive, but is more convenient in case you want to expand your website.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting involves purchasing an actual host or computer somewhere in a data center. Since you bought it yourself, there is no need to share it with anyone. This means that you will get its full capabilities and potential. Dedicated hosting is the perfect option for big enterprises, and the choice of top websites.

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the top option for newbies with simple business websites and blogs. Since your platform is new and there is no big traffic yet, it’s quite fine to share a server. It is easy to use, and also comes with a control panel.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is great for smaller agencies, website designers and everyone else that need to host more than a single website on one account. Basically, you are reselling the web hosting space to clients. This is similar to shared web hosting plan, but a lot more powerful and comes with the choice of using more accounts.

VPS hosting

If your website is rapidly gaining more and more visitors, VPS is a good option you can take. VPS hosting can isolate you from other individuals on the web host, so you can have whole control and access over the server.

Don’t forget to check online web hosting reviews!

In order to end up with the right choice, you need to read reviews, and social media comments from other people. Just be careful of sponsored, fake reviews.


Ruben Steward