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8 Website Design Techniques Each Website Designer Should Know

8 Website Design Techniques Each Website Designer Should Know

8 Website Design Techniques Each Website Designer Should Know

Add an FAQ page.

Existing and potential customers would always have questions. It would be very convenient for you and your client if a page is created for the most common questions. In this page, customers can look at additional information regarding the services and products being offered.

Optimize your call-to-action buttons.

A CTA is an important aspect of a website. This must be properly optimized, so the next action can be communicated to the customer. If the description is not clear, then you will most likely missed out on a opportunity.

Reduce your social media share buttons.

You may think that the more social media share buttons you include, the better. Well, that is not the case. You need to decide which social media platforms you want to focus on. Which platforms are frequented by your target clientele? At the end of the day, quality is better than quantity.

Make sure that your pages are loading quickly.

Do you know that you only have around three seconds to capture the attention of your audience? If you fail to give them what the details they need in an instant, they would leave your page and search somewhere else.

Your website should be mobile friendly.

More and more people are accessing websites through their smartphones and tablets. This is the reason why you need to make your pages mobile friendly, most especially if you want to cater to a wider set of audience.

Make your website forms shorter.

No person ever would want to spend lots of time filling out long forms online. In fact, many of them abandon websites due to long registration forms. Keep your subscription or registration process straight to the point.

Include a Testimonials tab on your home page.

Engaging videos, compelling blog posts and testimonials can positively impact conversion rates. Including testimonials on your page means convincing people that making business with you is a worthy investment.

Upload engaging, high-quality images.

This aspect is often overlooked by many designers and website owners. Images may be just plain images, but they can help establish a better impression. If you are not good with choosing images, pick a web design company that can help you out.


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