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6 You Must Do Before Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Career

6  You Must Do Before Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Career

1.Set up your own PayPal account.

Many affiliate programs in Malaysia use PayPal as a way of paying marketers. Therefore, before making your first ever dollar online, see to it that a PayPal account is already set up.

2.Develop your first affiliate promo strategy.

You need to have an affiliate promotion strategy as soon as you join an affiliate program. Success would come even sooner if you already have a strategy that is ready to be implemented.

3.Incorporate your business.

Before executing any business-related task, make sure to incorporate your business first. Sure it’s possible to begin your career as a sole proprietor, but if you are planning to bring in more affiliate revenue soon, you need to make everything legal. It would also make you feel more legit.

4.Acquire your own business banking account.

You wouldn’t want to mix personal banking with business banking. Several business owners learn this the hard way. Creating a specific banking account for this new business is important. In many cases, this is as simple as heading to the nearest bank, and setting up a checking account for free.

5.Get a tax number that is specific to your own country.

This is crucial, since if you have a tax number, you don’t need to share your own social security number. For more safety online, it’s best to sign up in random affiliate programs using this tax number.

6.Make a spreadsheet to monitor your expenses and earnings.

Promoting affiliate products and services can be really profitable, but only if you do it the right way. Thus, if you are just starting out, it’s highly important to create a reliable system to monitor the following:

  • Wages for staff members, if you have your own team
  • Your time
  • Revenue, or commissions earned
  • Marketing expenses
  • Ad costs

Ruben Steward

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